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Police later confirmed they, and "many" others, had seen the footage. The Facebook group is said to have several thousand members. Police confirmed that they had found three men, ผ้าปูที่นอน romantic star aged between 19 and 25, and one woman at a local apartment. The men were arrested on the spot. Josefine Lundgren, 21, called the police when she saw the video. Speaking to Swedish tabloid Expressen, she said she saw one of the men tear the woman's clothes ผ้าปูที่นอน 6 ฟุต off and lie on top of her. She also said one of the men had a gun. Facebook Live shows a count of other people simultaneously watching the broadcast and Ms Lungren said she could see 60 other people viewing. "Three against one hahaha," one of the viewers wrote in the comments section underneath the video, she said.

The good news is that youll be the gleaming beacon of hope for home buyers looking for a place where the work has already been done. Then, you paint all the rooms in neutral Swill Coffee to make them look as large and bright as possible and install new light carpet to add to the light and bright effect. Next comes the moving truck to take all of your personal furniture and accessories to the storage unit you just rented, because the professional stager is coming the next morning with her house full of carefully selected couches, chairs, coffee tables, desks, bedroom suites, dining sets, rugs, lamps, floral arrangements, wall art, bedding, bath towels, and table settings to transform your house into the bomb. Less Extreme Make Over: You have a cup of coffee one morning and you realize its time to sell your house. You limit your list of projects to the ones you can complete fastest and cheapest. You opt for fresh paint and carpet, which naturally forces you to de-clutter and take down the 100 years of family ancestry photos that have been hanging in your stairway. You make the beds, with the same bedspreads youve had since the start of the 20th century and pull out the crocheted blankets your great grandmother made to use as decorative throws, even though the colors dont match any of the bedspreads. You take photos with your iPhone, all vertical, and send them to your Realtor and wait for the phone to ring. What You See is What You Get: While carrying your coffee outside, you snap a vertical photo of your house, with two cars in the driveway, the garage door open, and the garbage cans in the street. You text it to you Realtor with the message, Lets get this puppy sold. There are lots of choices to be made when it comes to getting your house ready to sell. Some will be more successful than others.

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