"On our wedding day we made vows to each other that till death do us part. No matter what life brought. "I can tell you that even if I have this until I'm 90 years old, I would be committed to my husband with that vow and still love him." Image copyright Johanna and Scott Watkins Image caption Johanna and Scott are no longer able to hold each other's hands Scott says they do sometimes get angry and frustrated about their situation. "I've had to release a lot of what I expected for myself and I've had to accept what has been given to us," says Scott. He adds: "Johanna and I are good at talking, we talk a lot, we try to communicate a lot, so one thing that we've found that's helpful is just bringing each other into what's going on in our lives as best we can because we're not able to be together." Scott works full-time as a teacher and then returns home every evening to cook Johanna's food. "It's one of the ways that I can care for her, and every other day for the past year I've had one of my dear friends come and they help [me] cook for Johanna," he says. "She can only eat two meals, so she's been eating the same two meals for over a year." Johanna can only tolerate 15 different foods, including spices, so she eats either beef chuck roast (beef stew) with organic celery, carrot and parsnip or organic lamb with turmeric, cinnamon and cucumber. Image copyright Johanna and Scott Watkins Image caption Johanna has not responded to any treatment so far, including four rounds of chemotherapy The couple are currently living in the family home of their friends, the Olsons, while their own home is renovated to make it a safe living space for Johanna. The Olson family have given up using all scented products and do not cook in their house at all.

After a four-hour search through piles of trash, the team found her lost jewelry. Wiggins said he was skeptical whether they would replicate their success from November. In his 40 years in town sanitation, he has been called to help in only a dozen or so cases where objects of sentimental value landed in the garbage. Most of those objects stayed lost. I said Joe, its Friday the 13th and we just found someones rings. I dont know if we can do this two times in a row, Wiggins, 61, of Lindenhurst, said. Wiggins said he diverted the truck to the Town of Babylon Recycling Center in West Babylon, the same yard they used on Nov. 14 to find Dyckmans rings. At around 8 a.m. Friday, Joe Salzone, Wiggins and a handful of sanitation employees started searching.

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