"We're capitalizing on RewardStream's Refer a Friend program to support the growth of our brand," said Hye Lim, Executive Director at W Concept. "We know how competitive of a market we're in so it's important to reach consumers in the right way. The Refer a Friend program is just what we need to get people talking about our brand and shopping online." RewardStream allows online consumers to seamlessly refer their friends to online stores to browse merchandise and shop. Advocates and their friends can be rewarded for their referrals and all activity is tracked in RewardStream's high-volume and scalable referral platform. RewardStream offers the largest number of referral options with support for email, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, text message, WhatsApp, face to face and many other social channels. W Concept customers can learn more about the Refer a Friend program here: http://us.wconcept.com/refer About W Concept W Concept emerged in 2006 with an obsession for fashion entwined with culture. Inspiration for our concept is drawn from international designers, gathered to create a multinational fashion site, with a constant focus on introducing new and independent designers and trends, to ultimately bring life to these brands. Each designer maintains their own original concept, blended with up-to-date runway trends About RewardStream Solutions Inc. RewardStream specializes in the execution of automated referral marketing programs that help brands to acquire, engage, and retain their most valuable stakeholders - customers. By utilizing an innovative blend of marketing insight and proprietary technology, RewardStream turns an existing customer base into a powerful new sales channel for all of our clients.

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The company unveiled the products--Pinterest Lens, Shop the Look, and Instant Ideas--Wednesday and each one has features that are sure to hook any tech-savvy fashionista. Here's the breakdown: Lens offers a new way to search using your cell phone camera. Now, if you take a photo of something that inspires you--like a pair of embellished stilettos or a metallic structured mini dress--Lens will give you recommendations for similar objects on Pinterest and ways to style those items. Shop the Look gives Pinterest fans a new way to shop and buy products they see inside of fashion and home Pins. They have teamed up with Curalate, Olapic, Project September and ShopStyle, which gives users the chance to grab items from CB2, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Target, and Wayfair. To utilize that feature, simply tap the blue circle on a product and Pinterest will give you recommendations for similar items you can buy on the site or from a brand. Buyable Pins will also work in reverse now as well, with the site also showing users how to bring looks to life. If you find a pair of distressed denim jeans that you love, for example, the site will show you how other people have styled it. The Instant Ideas product allows users

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to browse through their home feed, find something interesting, and update their home feeds with similar ideas. It makes the home feed more personalized and recommendations more relevant to your tastes and interests.

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