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Thats great news for those willing to share a living space, though, of course, the bad news is that $1,649 is still a good chunk of change. Not surprisingly, when Smart Asset ranked US cities based on roommate savings, the top spots on the list went to the nations priciest rental markets , with San Francisco, New York, and San Jose comprising the top three. LA came in just behind San Diego in the eighth spot. Those looking to save a tad bit more could always round up a third roommate. According to Smart Asset data , the average monthly price of a three-bedroom in LA is $4,672. Divide that by three and you get $1,557, or a savings of $650 per month and $7,800 per year. Of course, as many actual roommates are probably thinking to themselves right now, who needs their own bedroom? The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing recommends that landlords allow two occupants per each bedroom in a rental unit, plus one additional occupant. Thus, a two-bedroom apartment could serve up to five people.

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