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While the survey ชุดว่ายน้ําราคาถูก was not scientific, it still elicited interesting, broader opinions. Overall, 64 percent of respondents were clearly against use of the photo, 21 percent were equivocal and 15 percent were clearly supportive. On gender lines, women saw the picture more positively. While 67 percent of men were against use of the picture, only 28 percent of women felt the same. Geographically, those in the Midwest/Mountain West were most comfortable with use of the photo, followed ladies swimming suits closely by the West Coast. Of the 35 responses from the South and Southwest, none was positive, and only one was even equivocal. Most interestingly, the age breakdown I encountered when I polled people about this informally before the first column didnt materialize. Among those ages 18-44, 67 percent of respondents disagreed with using the photo. Of those 45 and older, only 53 percent took a negative view.

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