Seventy-five percent of the people arrested were convicted criminals. Those are target lists that each field office takes the time to build. They take the time to do surveillance to ensure that they have a good shot of apprehending the folks on the target list, said Christensen. Christensen said two other groups that are major enforcement priorities for ICE made up most of the remainder of the arrests. The other 25 percent, thats made up of illegal re-entrants. Theyve been deported once, and they illegally re-entered the country. That group also contains immigration fugitives. Those are people who have been given an order of removal by an immigration judge and, instead of complying with that order for removal, they have absconded, Christensen said. Yahoo News asked whether any undocumented immigrants who did not fall under those three categories may have been arrested during the enforcement surge. She conceded that some may have been. It would be a very small number, Christensen said.

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