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Shokoohifar has a masters degree in fashion from the University of Tehran and years of experience in Iran’s traditional fashion industry, working in retail, designing leather products, and writing for the Iranian fashion magazine Manamode . Now she is one of the many entrepreneurs creating new apps and social networks in Tehran’s thriving startup scene . Fit&Fine , which is still in development, aims to match Iranian users with local stylists as they shop and try creative combinations with clothes they already have. She’s proud to be a part of an industry dominated by independent businesswomen. “Women have the most important role in the field of fashion, both producing and using,” Shokoohifar says. All the people Racked spoke to have their own definitions of what “Iranian fashion” means to them. While some fashionistas do push the boundaries with sex appeal and political fashion, not all Iranian women use fashion to resist Islamic law. It’s common for luxury consumers in Iran to buy clothes from Western designers and then use local tailors to make the apparel more modest. “Religion and culture is important to any person or company that decides to work here,” Shokoohifar says. Western media often fetishizes Iranian fashion and imagines political motives where sometimes there aren’t any. “They write that colorful hijabs are a statement against the government.

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